About Us

City Coin Chem Sdn Bhd, a homecare cleaning products manufacturer that founded in August 2015 by our founders: Paul Ang, Sandra Chua, Kelly Chen and Carmen Chooi. City Coin Chem is one of the subsidiary under City Coin Group. In line with the brand ‘LOVAS’.

Initially, the founders started this company with the passion of producing and providing good quality detergents for LaundryBar® to create values to owners and customers. These detergents (Laundry Detergent + Fabric Softener + Fabric Sanitizer) are dispersing FREE from in-house Dispenser. As such, City Coin Chem is now the sole-supplier for LaundryBar® Concept Stores – the No 1 Self-Service Laundry Chain in Malaysia.

Other than focus only on detergent line, we expanded our production into variety of cleaning products such as toiletries, leather care, heavy duty cleaning, automotive cleaning, food & beverage cleaning products. Product quality is what always on top of our mind. Therefore we always go through a complicated process of research & testing to ensure the products are safe to use and gentle to our skin, before it is launched to the market.

Mission & Vision


To Share and Enlarge The PIE, not competing for just for A PIE; and help 10 SME to develop their own brand in 10 years.


To make it easy to have Quality Products anywhere


To commit quality control by maintaining the quality our products and this is why we always ensure every process in each of our departments are being monitor with cares.

Core Values

  • Quality Products at Affordable Price
  • Customer 1st, Employees 2nd, Shareholders 3rd
  • Live Seriously, Work Happily
  • From the people who care, to the people we are
  • Always being innovative

Message from Founder

> Paul Ang
Group Managing Director of City Coin Laundry SDN. BHD.
Executive Director of City Coin Laundry SDN. BHD.
Founder of City Coin Chem SDN. BHD.
Founder of City Coin Chem SDN. BHD.

Our Journey



Incorporate City Coin Chem Sdn.Bhd.


To commit quality control by maintaining the quality out products

Halal Certificate

Received certified Halal certificate on April 2017

SME Corp Scoring

Score 3 Star


ISO 9001


Halal Certificate