Laundry Service

We provide industrial laundry products in bundle while better costing to practitioner. Lots of industrial laundry products are found not environmental friendly and even causing harm to the environment. This caused the invention of our industrial laundry products as show at below. Several tests have been done and the results found our industrial products are easily dissolved and cause no pollution to the environment.

CC Clean
– Concentrated liquid detergent that can deeply penetrates to remove stains
– Easily dissolve in water
– Not leave behind power residue on clothes and machine
– Better colour care.
CC Soft
-Concentrated liquid fabric softener that soften, freshen, and protect your clothes
– Leaving them with a pleasant scent
– Eliminate static cling from laundered fabric
– Easy ironing and anti-wrinkle
CC Sani
– Sanitizer is a neutral and no rinse
– Disinfectant and sanitizer in industrial and commercial washing